about me

lead frontend developer at the sound alliance, best known for inthemix.com, fasterlouder.com.au, samesame.com.au and our newest member junkee.com

10+ years experience on building for the web, was around when the bubble burst and when your the sales types were pitching "WEB 2.O"

specialise in UI/UX design, it's people first.

HTML coder extraordinaire

I have written my share of CSS2/CSS3, both using notepad and LESS

Down backed Javascript skills, including everyone's favourite framework jQuery

Experience with various PHP/HTML templating engines, yes, i have heard of fasttemplates.

It's all about responsive web, if you are not down with it kthnxbai!!

If I am not working; I am playing music; if I am not playing music; I am travelling

latest mixes

XLR8R Mix 08

Panta Rei (Max Cooper Remix)_0 – Agoria
Projects – 2400 Operator
Believe In Reflecting (Smallpeople Remix) – Roaming
All Together – Animal Zoo
Gonna Track You Down – Jori Hulkkonen as Third Culture
Deep (feat. Marisa) – J.Bevin
Rebounds – Walter Ego
I Can Luv U Crazy – We Like Turtles
Lust Love – Karma Kid
Jupiter (Kloke Remix) – Sentel
I Can See Your Pupils Vibrating – Triple Six Sound Club
Cambodian Overdad – kuxxan SUUM

XLR8R Mix 02

a2 (Max Cooper Remix) - Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm
Requiem for Genome (aus remix) – Geskia!
Sunburst – John Daly
Float/Dream – Sumsun
Cinnamon – LAKOSA & 2SuckaDJs
The Power Of Now – Christian S
Lords of Death (Billy Bogus Rework) – Billy Bogus
Intercourse – HaHaHa & Raksha
Winflowers – Ghibli